A highly stable and reliable low-height crystal unit with a metallic package, also suitable for surface mounting.

Compatible with surface mounting.

Airtight metal package ensures high-reliability.

Taping package is for customer automatic loading operation.

AT-41CD2 meets the requirements for re-flow profiling using lead-free solder.


Frequency Range 频率范围 3.579545-80.000MHz
Load Capacitance 负载电容 10pf to Series
Frequency Tolerance At 25℃ 频率偏差 ±30ppm Maximum
Frequency Stability At –10 to +60℃ 频率稳定性 ±30ppm Maximum
Operating Temperature Range 工作温度范围 -20 to +70℃ or Specify
Storage Temperature Range 贮藏温度范围 -40 to +85℃
Equivalent Series Resistance(ESR) 阻抗 See ESR Table
Drive Leve 驱动功率 1.0mw Maximum
Shunt Capacitance 并电容 7pf Maximum
Aging 老化率 ±5ppm Per Year
Insulation Resistance 绝缘阻抗 500 Mohm Minimum

Operating Temperature Range Options
B For –10 to +60 T Tape And Reel

Frequency Range And Oscillation Mode
Fundamental (F) Third Overtone (3OT) Fifth Overtone (5OT)
3.579545-30.000MHz 24.000-70.000MHz 60.000-80.000MHz

ESR Table (Ohm)
3.5-4.0MHz 4.0-8.0MHz 8.0-14MHz 14-24MHz >24MHz
150 100 60 40 40(F) 80(3OT)