AS5032A 智能汽车用贴片石英晶体

AS5032A 智能汽车用贴片石英晶体

A small surface-mount type crystal unit, ideal for the special requirements of automotive, such as TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). The crystal unit is ideally suited for the clock signal generating source of the transmission unit in a tire wheel that is subject to strong centrifugal force.

Stable frequency characteristics even with a powerful centrifugal force of 2,000 G , as found in the transmission side of TPMS applications.

Excellent environmental performance including heat, vibration, shock and heat cycle resistance.

Lead-free. Meets the requirements for re-flow profiling using lead-free solder.

Conforms to AEC-Q200.

Type SMD 5.0*3.2*0.85mm
Freq. range Fundamental 7.6 ~ 54.0MHz
3rd 40.0 ~ 156.25MHz
Vibration mode AT cut , Fundamental , 3rd
Frequency toleranceat 25℃) -/+10ppm , -/+30ppm , or specify
Equivalent series resistance See table No.1
Frequency stability over -/+50ppm , -/+100ppm , or specify
operating temperature range
Operating temperature range -40 ~ +125 , or specify
Drive Level 300uW Max.
Shunt capacitance 5.0pF Max.
Load capacitance 16pF, 18pF, 20pF, or specify
Aging -/+2ppm/year , -/+5ppm/year
Min. Packing 1,000pcs/Reel

Equivalent series resistance(ESR) Table No.1
Frequency 7.6~11.9 MHz 12.0~13.9 MHz 14.0~19.9 MHz 20.0~54.0 MHz 40.0~59.0 MHz 60.0~15.6.25 MHz
Mode Fundamental Fundamental Fundamental Fundamental 3rd 3rd
ESR 100 ohms Max. 60 ohms Max. 50 ohms Max. 40 ohms Max. 70 ohms Max. 60 ohms Max.